Commercial Dishwasher supplier review

In recent years the commercial dishwasher industry has seen somewhat of a boom. When times got tough for catering businesses, they looked to invest into machinery and automation tools that would allow them to employ less people and therefore save money in as many ways as possible. Commercial dishwashers moved in to fill this gap in the market and as such sales have soared.

Rather than reviewing one specific business in this post, we are going to be talking about the industrial dishwasher industry in general and how to get the best deals for your money. The truth is that there is no shortage of companies out there offering great products but there are plenty of less than reputable ones out there doing the same. The best way to tell commercial dishwasher suppliers apart is by the brands that they work with, if they work with some of the big name brands of kitchen equipment out there, then the chances are that they are a decent company.

Other than this, if you’re buying from a website then you should look for the usual signs of quality such as a clearly displayed address and telephone number. If you’re looking at a commercial dishwasher website offering kitchen appliances and they don’t have these things then we would definitely urge a little caution.… Read the rest

Wood Merchant Review

Nothing beats the homely feel of top quality wood but getting that feel isn’t always easy. I recently began the process of building myself a nice wooden garden shed made from oak, larch and cedar. Now after I had decided on the design and materials of the shed I was going to build, the next challenge was sourcing the materials.

I stumbled upon a wood merchant called iWood who supplied me with many of the materials that I needed. I bought oak flooring which can be found on this page. Now I got this oak untreated so that I could apply my own varnish and staining etc to get my desired finish. I know what you’re thinking, ‘is he really doing all of this himself?’ but I’m not one to shy away from a little manual labor when it comes to getting the right look. I decided that if I’m paying all this money for this wooden shed, I may as well get the exact look that I want and the only way to do that was to do most of the work myself.

I had a great experience with this company too. Their online buying guide and the information supplied on their website is excellent. Now I’m no expert on wood and probably couldn’t tell you the different qualities that cedar has that larch doesn’t but I do know quality wood when I see it. Needless to say I was more than happy when my delivery came! The wooden beams I bought were excellent, I even had them planed to my specification too, I needed my wood to be shiplap (I’ve included a wikipedia link for an explanation) so that my cladding would fit together nicely, which it did.

As with most of my company reviews, customer service is one of my main concerns. This company didn’t disappoint there either, I rang them up to ask them a few deliver questions and they were more than helpful.

Anyway, back to the shed building! I also decided to kit my shed out with a few other kinds of wood to give it an elegant feel. This wasn’t going to be just another run of the mill ‘man cave’ but something with a touch more class and comfort. I went with some larch materials for the interior decorations and wood carvings. Now larch is a softwood which was ideal for this purpose and the wood I received was again top quality.

So after the material delivery and several hours of hard work and sweat, I had something that closely resembled a shed. I was pretty proud of my achievement too, I’ve always been good at woodwork but this took it to a whole new level entirely. Now I just have to hope that the wife feels the same way!

For those who are interested, I’ve included a video below that teaches you how to get started with building your own shed, although I have a feeling that some people would prefer to just have one ready made. Whatever you choose I would definitely recommend the wood merchant that I worked with to anyone.

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Skip Hire Company Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing a local company who offer skip hire in Stoke on Trent . We recently disposed of a lot of waste while we were building our new home in the country side.

skip hire

Naturally building things like foundations and floors creates a lot of waste and rubble. Anyone who has ever built a house will know that it can be pretty stressful because there’s so much to think about. Just co-ordinating all the building work with the builders, carpenters and plumbers alone can be a full time job! The last thing that we needed to think about was disposing of all the rubbish that these building activities were creating.

Luckily we came across Apex Skip hire who offer skip hire Stafford, Stoke on Trent and the surrounding areas. The fact that they delivered their skips on time made a huge difference and as soon as we filled one up, we got straight on the phone and told them and they often came out on the same day to collect. This sort of service is rare, which is why we thought that we would blog about it.

We’ve also worked with another company called Mac waste, who were  also really professional. I think we’ve been quite lucky to work with two good companies so far as we’ve heard some horror stories from our friends about late deliveries and pick ups.

All in all we are thoroughly pleased with our service from this company and would highly recommend them. Have a look at our review of a wallpaper company here too.… Read the rest

Wallpaper Business Review

< wallpaper-hanging

We all know that decorating your home can be a HUGE pain. We recently tried re-designing our spare bedroom and wanted to recommend a wallpaper company that we found that delivered wallpaper direct.

So, our spare room gradually transformed into a storage room over time. Our first job was too clear this out and actually get to the room itself! Needless to say, we couldn’t believe the sheer quantity of items that we had amassed over the years

After clearing away some of the old items that we found, we realised that our walls and floors were in serious need of a makeover. We already had a carpet chosen and stored away from a previous plan to do this, so we were fine on that front. Our main dilemma was how to decorate our walls, should we paint them or use wallpaper? After finally settling on wallpaper as the best way forward, we then faced another problem…what style should we use and where should be source it from?

So we got on our trusty iPads and had a look for wallpaper shops. We hit all of the usual chains out there like B and M and Wilkinson’s and then we stumbled across the style that we just loved, to see the wallpaper ranges click here. They offered great delivery services too (free for orders over £25)

We decided to do the wallpapering ourselves, which proved to be a pretty huge challenge, especially having never done it before. After watching a few YouTube videos though like this one, we were on our way

So all in all we had a great experience with Cut Price Wallpaper and would highly recommend them. They seem to have a large range of styles and were more than helpful when we rang them up to ask them for some selection advice.… Read the rest

Homebase business review


Now I know that Homebase is a pretty major business that many people go to but we wanted to do this review for a number of reasons. The main reason we’re doing this write up is because we’ve always had such a high level of customer service in their stores and have always left their stores extremely satisfied.

Now we happened to enter their store just earlier this week to purchase some DIY goods and some plant pots. We had both been to the store previously and seen some plant pots that we had liked and so made the trip back for them. After loading up our trolley with the DIY goods (some wood and gloss) we discovered that the pots that we were after were not there.

There was an elderly worker in the store who came over after seeing our concern. He was able to tell us exactly when they were expecting their next delivery of this particular plant pot design and how they had just sold their very last one earlier in the day. He couldn’t have been more helpful.

He said that he would happily set aside one of the pots in the future. We were so happy with this customer service and many instances like this in the past that now we don’t go anywhere else and certainly to to B&Q where we have been less than satisfied with customer service.

We have visited various Homebase stores across the UK too and positive experiences like this aren’t isolated, which is why we happily recommend them as the best DIY equipment stores out there.

Keep it up Homebase!

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Our Mission


Our mission is to first and foremost create a factual and informative website that educates it’s readers. We are going to be review and analyse the various businesses that we encounter in our daily lives.

This blog is written by me (Ralph) and my wife (Rachel). We hope that our site serves as a review source and perhaps a guide to the companies that we’ve worked with in both our professional and working lives. We will try and keep our view impartial so that our readers know that they can depend on our opinions.

While we are aware that we have only worked with a tiny fraction of businesses out there, we hope that we have found some great ones that we would like to refer on to other people and some not so great ones that people would be better off avoiding.


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